When: April 14th 2024 from 12pm – 4pm

Where:  Friday Center Park & Ride Lots / 100 Friday Center Drive, Chapel Hill

Admission – $6/person (max $24/family) Under 2 – free

See over forty awesome vehicles, from emergency, construction, and landscaping to military, transportation, and Mac trucks – all in one place!   

At the heart of Touch A Truck is the incredible assortment of vehicles to explore.  This year, there will be over 40 of them in all shapes and sizes, many of them essential.  Some will be:

  • Construction trucks
  • Emergency vehicles
  • Cool cars
  • Old cars
  • Motorcycles
  • Buses
  • Food trucks
  • And much more!


And, after you have seen all the awesome vehicles, visit a food truck on your way out.  There will be parking available.